Monday, April 27, 2015


I'm really liking Coubs right now. Here's a fun one.

As you can see Coubs are looping videos with audio. There is a key difference between a Coub and a Vine or Instagram video. You can add audio to a Coub that's longer than the video. While the video only loops for up to ten seconds, the audio will play all the way through before it restarts. Vine and Instagram videos have audio only as long as the video itself.

Audio in looping videos can get annoying. But I think that's mostly due to the repetitive sound. With a continuous track, that annoyance is greatly reduced. Between Coub, Vine and Instagram, I will choose Coub...but Gif's (and silent webm) are still my favorite looping video format since they are silent and versatile.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


This is our first project that is powered by the Tagmyn framework. So far we are seeing some positive results. The site will be going live soon and more details to come.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How The Launch Party Success

The launch party for Tagmyn was a success. We successfully ordered and ate two tasty pizzas with our closest friends. We had some beers and shared many laughs. The night was a success.

I had no idea that Bill Gates started Microsoft on April 4th 1975. I wonder if he had a launch party?

The reason we had our launch party was to let people know we exist and to have a good time. Tagmyn is more than a year in the making and we needed to celebrate what we have achieved. We built it and now its ready for the world.

In an earlier post I had said that we are project junkies. Well this project has ended. It is now operational. So we have already begun work on a new project using the Tagmyn engine.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tagmyn...The Shareable Byte Sized Web Library

We think the library feature on Tagmyn is pretty awesome. You tag something you like and it goes into your library under that tag. But I'd like to explain what we mean by a shareable byte sized web library (byte sized library for short). 

Byte: "a unit of computer information that is equal to eight bits" Merriam-Webster

The term byte sized refers to single units of web content (video, animated gifs, audio, and photos) that are served on Tagmyn. We consider anything from a single video from Youtube to a still image to be byte sized. Each byte sized item is thought to be: whole or complete, not an entire webpage or app and can be consumed in one bite (i.e. bite sized). Here are a few examples of byte sized content that Tagmyn has to offer:

COUB video loop

Soundcloud Audio

A web library on Tagmyn is a collection of items like the ones shown above. You determine what goes into your library by tagging items you like. 

Your entire library or parts of it can be shared with friends and followers. That's the whole shareable part.

It's simple. Find stuff you like, tag and display it. That's Tagmyn...the shareable byte sized web library.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Official Launch

Less than a week away from our official launch. We will be celebrating with a slice of pizza, some beers and friends. The party will be held at our favorite local bar, The Pines Bar.

The official launch date will be April 4th but Tagmyn has been very much alive for the past few months. I suppose we would just like to officially say "Hello World!"

Back to work. See you on Tagmyn!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Status Update: Steady As She Goes

Clayton and I discussed some big ideas during this mornings meeting. But the first thing I said when we met up for our meeting "Forget everything I've said over the last week or so." I've been playing it too safe. We need to be taking more risks and exploring not taking the safe route and sticking to the known. This got our discussion going in a positive direction...away from mediocrity.

We know for sure that we want to provide the best service that we possibly can. We want to do this above all else and we are constantly working towards this goal.

So we stay the course. Take risks, explore new ideas and do our best.

Friday, March 27, 2015

10 Ways Tagmyn Aims To Save You Time

Time is valuable. It's our most valuable resource and it's getting more scarce by the moment. So what we don't want to do is waste your time.

So here are 10 areas we are continually making improvements to so we don't waste your time.

1. Sharing

We wanted to create a simple way to share. Image + tag = post.

2.  Tagbin

The tagbin is an auto-search, a shortcut to content, a shortcut for adding tags and it notifies you when there is something new. It's your greatest helper once you add tags into it.

3. Search

Search by tag or username. Using one letter will retrieve a result based on your own tagbin, your library or the people you are following. The results can be refined by choosing a particular user+tag combination.

4. Tagging and Library

Tag anything  and it saves into your library under that tag. Easily reference items later by saving the tag into your tagbin or doing a search. This is a great time saver when dealing with lots of stuff.

5. Follow

Following adds relevance to your searching and tagbin. You can still get stuff direct from the source but it can be filled with noise or irrelevant items. Combine a user with a tag and baby you've got relevance.

6. Sharing Externally

We provide a link to our items and to the original source. We just want you to be able to share quickly and easily.

7. No Words

Okay we have one tag but no words. We love reading but Tagmyn is about the images, video and audio. That's what we provide so let's get to it.

8. Tossing

If you come across something you don't like you can toss it. That item won't be shown to you again. The idea here is to reduce clutter at the moment you encounter it. This should save time later if you go back through a particular tag.

9. Retagging

Retag an item to something that makes sense to you. This will make it easier to find later (not only for you but for others).

10. Navigation

The flow of Tagmyn is evolving. Getting you to the images, video and audio as quickly as possible and in a way that makes sense is the top priority for our navigation system.

We are working on it. Your time matters to us. Every effort is made to create an enjoyable Tagmyn experience.

The Vision Meeting: 10 Reasons Why We Have Them

The vision meeting is one of our daily rituals. Sometimes we have more than one. Only recently have we started our day with the meeting and at a scheduled time. The whole thing is very casual as you'd probably expect from two brothers who are also buds.

10 Reasons Why We Have Them
1. Communication

We need to know what the other one is doing. There's just two of us so dividing the work load is critical.

2. Daily Ritual

The act of having a meeting reminds us to stick with our good habits and behavior. Benefits of this ritual will be more clear as we go.

3. Dual Vision

Clayton and I share a vision. This vision is evolving and it requires constant attention from both of us. This meeting is where the dual vision is born. It's where we decide what ideas we should go with.

4. Conversation

It's just good to have a conversation about anything. This is especially important when you are spending the rest of the day working on one thing and there's only one other person out there that understands what you are doing.

5. Fresh Air

We go outside for our meetings. The open air and nature give us a sense of...It's just a nice place to have a meeting.

6. Exercise

Sometimes we throw a ball around or go on a walk. Even just getting up from the chair is beneficial. The meeting is done standing, walking, pacing or whatever. We are just off our feet and that's something.

7. Brainstorming

We use this time to come up with new ideas. It can be chaotic and sometimes we actually get an idea.

8. Relationship Maintenance

We are brothers. We have a close relationship. Like all relationships, you need to work on them. We don't hug, we have meetings.

9. Bouncing Ideas

We play with and entertain many ideas. Nothing is off limits. If you have an idea, now is the time to bring it up. Different than brainstorming because its very one sided. One person has an idea and we both discuss it till either its dead or a new feature or even separate project.

10. Motivation

The meeting is motivating. After adjourning the meeting we go right to action. The motivation stems from everything discussed above. We worked out our brains, got our vision in line, and came up with some good ideas. With purpose, we can really get to work.

This won't be the last time I talk about the vision meeting. Great ideas have to come from somewhere and this is where ours come from.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Why We Built It

We're Project Junkies

We have a problem and the first step toward recovery is to admit you have a problem...or whatever. For five years we would begin work on a project sometime around the beginning of the year. Every idea was the greatest idea ever. Sometime around July/August we would start to lose interest. Then we had to be Christmas tree farmers from October-December so that definitely pulled us away from our projects. Each year would be a brand new project. We would start from the ground up and build a new idea (or reinvent one).

Robert strung out on the Trashball project

Breaking the Cycle

Finally Tagmyn was created in 2014. Probably from the years of mistakes and failures. This year, we're not starting from scratch and we actually believe in what we are doing. Now we had tons of fun with project ZombiEpoch (back in 2011) but we lost steam and ended up blowing that site to smithereens. We are still active with ZombiEpoch on Tagmyn and other social media but we did lose the domain (which was as simple as forgetting to auto renew after a registrar transfer). Anyways, this year, this project is different. We broke out of the project cycle. The project is no longer a project. Tagmyn is operational.

ZombiEpoch our undead venture

The Reason Why We Built Tagmyn Specifically

We built Tagmyn because we like to build and we wanted to see if we could. Once it was completed (the first time) we continued to make improvements. We update often and it just gets better. We're still in Beta and probably will be for some time. Still too many unknowns.

File photos of Clayton (left) Robert (right)

The Most Important Day For Tagmyn

Everyday is the most important day. There is no day more important than another. Sure we have days when something big happened and say "Today was an important day." But the previous days work got us to where we are today.

We started today like every other day. A vision meeting where we discussed everything from life to the inner workings of Tagmyn and its future. Specifically we talked about the most important part of Tagmyn...the user. We also discussed our need to expand our network. We have a small network and we need a bigger one. Not just bigger but also comprised of good people (if interested apply within).

Breakfast (Coffee, orange, water)

We went our separate ways because the work won't do itself. Action was the next order of business. I made some calls and sent some emails. We need help so I reached out to a few friends and some strangers. I created this blog and played with the design. Clayton is doing something...creating Tagmyn....whatever.

Lunch (Ham sandwich, chips, coke)

After lunch I had a good meeting with a friend and discussed our projects. She agreed to review Tagmyn for us and report back with her opinion. Clayton and I then met for our second meeting of the day.

"The link share and file upload are shit" he said and I agreed. We discussed the need to make accessing images even quicker. He must have got a bright idea because he would he's doing this right now actually...he is making a drastic change to how we access content. We adjourned our short meeting and it was back to work.

This was our conversation over messenger:

trying this new thing out. loading content within the grid

it is
I want it and I don't even know what it is...and I have no idea how I lived without it until you said something...gimme gimme


there may be going back to the old way. And i liked the old way
old way huh

i meant no going back
oh ok...that's cool too lol

this site is cool again
It was already cool...just like me back in 1999

there is no point to that grid button now
but its better

i think so. everthing feels faster

im tagging, im tossing, im scrolling, im searching
once we get it out in the wild we'll know for sure

no, its mine and only mine. The world can suck it

on the quote board
in the blog
I should start writing

Its Thursday afternoon, I get a message from Clayton saying the site is shit and needs to be overhauled immediately. Then an hour later, he tells me its the greatest site ever conceived.
tell him to shut it
oh that's for the blog...This is also going in
Chat Conversation End

Now we are at the present. I need to get back to work. We have an update and a launch party coming up. Lots to do!