Friday, March 27, 2015

10 Ways Tagmyn Aims To Save You Time

Time is valuable. It's our most valuable resource and it's getting more scarce by the moment. So what we don't want to do is waste your time.

So here are 10 areas we are continually making improvements to so we don't waste your time.

1. Sharing

We wanted to create a simple way to share. Image + tag = post.

2.  Tagbin

The tagbin is an auto-search, a shortcut to content, a shortcut for adding tags and it notifies you when there is something new. It's your greatest helper once you add tags into it.

3. Search

Search by tag or username. Using one letter will retrieve a result based on your own tagbin, your library or the people you are following. The results can be refined by choosing a particular user+tag combination.

4. Tagging and Library

Tag anything  and it saves into your library under that tag. Easily reference items later by saving the tag into your tagbin or doing a search. This is a great time saver when dealing with lots of stuff.

5. Follow

Following adds relevance to your searching and tagbin. You can still get stuff direct from the source but it can be filled with noise or irrelevant items. Combine a user with a tag and baby you've got relevance.

6. Sharing Externally

We provide a link to our items and to the original source. We just want you to be able to share quickly and easily.

7. No Words

Okay we have one tag but no words. We love reading but Tagmyn is about the images, video and audio. That's what we provide so let's get to it.

8. Tossing

If you come across something you don't like you can toss it. That item won't be shown to you again. The idea here is to reduce clutter at the moment you encounter it. This should save time later if you go back through a particular tag.

9. Retagging

Retag an item to something that makes sense to you. This will make it easier to find later (not only for you but for others).

10. Navigation

The flow of Tagmyn is evolving. Getting you to the images, video and audio as quickly as possible and in a way that makes sense is the top priority for our navigation system.

We are working on it. Your time matters to us. Every effort is made to create an enjoyable Tagmyn experience.

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