Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tagmyn...The Shareable Byte Sized Web Library

We think the library feature on Tagmyn is pretty awesome. You tag something you like and it goes into your library under that tag. But I'd like to explain what we mean by a shareable byte sized web library (byte sized library for short). 

Byte: "a unit of computer information that is equal to eight bits" Merriam-Webster

The term byte sized refers to single units of web content (video, animated gifs, audio, and photos) that are served on Tagmyn. We consider anything from a single video from Youtube to a still image to be byte sized. Each byte sized item is thought to be: whole or complete, not an entire webpage or app and can be consumed in one bite (i.e. bite sized). Here are a few examples of byte sized content that Tagmyn has to offer:

COUB video loop

Soundcloud Audio

A web library on Tagmyn is a collection of items like the ones shown above. You determine what goes into your library by tagging items you like. 

Your entire library or parts of it can be shared with friends and followers. That's the whole shareable part.

It's simple. Find stuff you like, tag and display it. That's Tagmyn...the shareable byte sized web library.

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