Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Most Important Day For Tagmyn

Everyday is the most important day. There is no day more important than another. Sure we have days when something big happened and say "Today was an important day." But the previous days work got us to where we are today.

We started today like every other day. A vision meeting where we discussed everything from life to the inner workings of Tagmyn and its future. Specifically we talked about the most important part of Tagmyn...the user. We also discussed our need to expand our network. We have a small network and we need a bigger one. Not just bigger but also comprised of good people (if interested apply within).

Breakfast (Coffee, orange, water)

We went our separate ways because the work won't do itself. Action was the next order of business. I made some calls and sent some emails. We need help so I reached out to a few friends and some strangers. I created this blog and played with the design. Clayton is doing something...creating Tagmyn....whatever.

Lunch (Ham sandwich, chips, coke)

After lunch I had a good meeting with a friend and discussed our projects. She agreed to review Tagmyn for us and report back with her opinion. Clayton and I then met for our second meeting of the day.

"The link share and file upload are shit" he said and I agreed. We discussed the need to make accessing images even quicker. He must have got a bright idea because he would he's doing this right now actually...he is making a drastic change to how we access content. We adjourned our short meeting and it was back to work.

This was our conversation over messenger:

trying this new thing out. loading content within the grid

it is
I want it and I don't even know what it is...and I have no idea how I lived without it until you said something...gimme gimme


there may be going back to the old way. And i liked the old way
old way huh

i meant no going back
oh ok...that's cool too lol

this site is cool again
It was already cool...just like me back in 1999

there is no point to that grid button now
but its better

i think so. everthing feels faster

im tagging, im tossing, im scrolling, im searching
once we get it out in the wild we'll know for sure

no, its mine and only mine. The world can suck it

on the quote board
in the blog
I should start writing

Its Thursday afternoon, I get a message from Clayton saying the site is shit and needs to be overhauled immediately. Then an hour later, he tells me its the greatest site ever conceived.
tell him to shut it
oh that's for the blog...This is also going in
Chat Conversation End

Now we are at the present. I need to get back to work. We have an update and a launch party coming up. Lots to do!

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