Friday, March 27, 2015

The Vision Meeting: 10 Reasons Why We Have Them

The vision meeting is one of our daily rituals. Sometimes we have more than one. Only recently have we started our day with the meeting and at a scheduled time. The whole thing is very casual as you'd probably expect from two brothers who are also buds.

10 Reasons Why We Have Them
1. Communication

We need to know what the other one is doing. There's just two of us so dividing the work load is critical.

2. Daily Ritual

The act of having a meeting reminds us to stick with our good habits and behavior. Benefits of this ritual will be more clear as we go.

3. Dual Vision

Clayton and I share a vision. This vision is evolving and it requires constant attention from both of us. This meeting is where the dual vision is born. It's where we decide what ideas we should go with.

4. Conversation

It's just good to have a conversation about anything. This is especially important when you are spending the rest of the day working on one thing and there's only one other person out there that understands what you are doing.

5. Fresh Air

We go outside for our meetings. The open air and nature give us a sense of...It's just a nice place to have a meeting.

6. Exercise

Sometimes we throw a ball around or go on a walk. Even just getting up from the chair is beneficial. The meeting is done standing, walking, pacing or whatever. We are just off our feet and that's something.

7. Brainstorming

We use this time to come up with new ideas. It can be chaotic and sometimes we actually get an idea.

8. Relationship Maintenance

We are brothers. We have a close relationship. Like all relationships, you need to work on them. We don't hug, we have meetings.

9. Bouncing Ideas

We play with and entertain many ideas. Nothing is off limits. If you have an idea, now is the time to bring it up. Different than brainstorming because its very one sided. One person has an idea and we both discuss it till either its dead or a new feature or even separate project.

10. Motivation

The meeting is motivating. After adjourning the meeting we go right to action. The motivation stems from everything discussed above. We worked out our brains, got our vision in line, and came up with some good ideas. With purpose, we can really get to work.

This won't be the last time I talk about the vision meeting. Great ideas have to come from somewhere and this is where ours come from.

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