Thursday, March 26, 2015

Why We Built It

We're Project Junkies

We have a problem and the first step toward recovery is to admit you have a problem...or whatever. For five years we would begin work on a project sometime around the beginning of the year. Every idea was the greatest idea ever. Sometime around July/August we would start to lose interest. Then we had to be Christmas tree farmers from October-December so that definitely pulled us away from our projects. Each year would be a brand new project. We would start from the ground up and build a new idea (or reinvent one).

Robert strung out on the Trashball project

Breaking the Cycle

Finally Tagmyn was created in 2014. Probably from the years of mistakes and failures. This year, we're not starting from scratch and we actually believe in what we are doing. Now we had tons of fun with project ZombiEpoch (back in 2011) but we lost steam and ended up blowing that site to smithereens. We are still active with ZombiEpoch on Tagmyn and other social media but we did lose the domain (which was as simple as forgetting to auto renew after a registrar transfer). Anyways, this year, this project is different. We broke out of the project cycle. The project is no longer a project. Tagmyn is operational.

ZombiEpoch our undead venture

The Reason Why We Built Tagmyn Specifically

We built Tagmyn because we like to build and we wanted to see if we could. Once it was completed (the first time) we continued to make improvements. We update often and it just gets better. We're still in Beta and probably will be for some time. Still too many unknowns.

File photos of Clayton (left) Robert (right)

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